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5 Tips: Caring For Your Lingerie

Hot Knickers Lingerie designer Ali Wheeler gives 5 “musts” on keeping your lingerie clean & looking glamorous, so you can too. Caring for a piece of lingerie is an important part of prolonging it’s life span. When you look after your garments you should be able to wear your lingerie as often as you want.

Many of our clients have replaced their old knickers with Paula Hot Knickers. Which is why we believe caring for them is as important as the care put into making them.

1: Hand Wash Your Lingerie

We always recommend hand washing your lingerie. Use a delicate soap, and avoid really hot water. It does depend on the washing instructions of the particular garment/brand of lingerie. Some may be laundered using a laundry bag on a delicate wash cycle. However, this is not suitable for Hot Knickers garments.

If you hate hand washing, wash them out when you’re taking a shower, to save time.

After washing avoid ringing out your garments, roll them lightly in a towel and press out the excess water. Then flat dry away from excessive heat (radiator, open fires etc).

Drying Gold Camisole Top In A Towel

2: Don’t Iron Or Tumble Dry!

The excessive heat from ironing or tumble drying can damage stretchy or man made fabrics. Causing the fabric to over stretch, losing it’s elasticity/shape and becoming uncomfortable. Not a good look for your lingerie!

3: Store Your Garments Neatly

To keep your lingerie looking as glamorous as can be, avoid overcrowding/stuffing your knicker draw. This stops your garments from creasing. Ali recommends lightly folding it or rolling it neatly.

A useful tip is to rotate your knicker draw, so each garment gets an equal amount of wear. You won’t get bored of your lingerie then either. In Ireland, the weather can be quite damp so space out your knicker draw, giving them a bit of breathing space so they don’t become musty.

4: Don’t Wear Antiperspirant With Darker Colours

Try to avoid wearing antiperspirant with darker colours. Antiperspirant can leave stains and discolour your lingerie. The same can be said for fake tan on lighter colours. We’ve had this problem in the past when our garments have been worn for fashion shows.

We recommend using a natural deodorant such as rock salt. You can also make your own deodorant, there are plenty of tutorials out there.

A great alternative is a local West Cork organic brand Warrior Botanicals, that sells natural deodorants.

5: Wear The Right Size

Before ordering lingerie online always make sure you have the correct size.
If your lingerie is too small, and digs into your body, this causes the fabrics and elastics to stretch.
Overtime this stretching can completely disfigure the garment. Not to mention how it looks on your body!

Size Chart Sketch

So there you have it! Hopefully this helps you get more from your lingerie and feel more comfortable wearing lingerie as an everyday garment.

If you have a specific query relating to care instructions for Hot Knickers, you can contact us here, or leave a comment below.

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