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How To Find The Best Lingerie For Your Body Type

In this blog post we are going to cover some of the best lingerie to buy depending on your body type. Whilst there aren’t any “strict” rules as to who can and can’t wear specific lingerie, this is meant as a helpful guide for those unsure of what to buy or those looking for some guidance.

If you are buying your undergarments from an independent designer check to see if they offer bespoke services if there’s something you really want but are worried it won’t fit. We’ve found that a lot of major brands don’t cater to larger sizes, instead only offering their garments in a restrictive range of sizes.

Before purchasing any lingerie online, always make sure you have your measurements correct and check with the size chart to make sure your order the correct size. For more tips on buying lingerie see our guide.

Full Bust

For everyday wear buy a full cup bra and if you lead an active lifestyle a good sports bra is really useful. Both bra’s will give a lot of support for your breasts and relieve some of the strain off your shoulders and upper back. This helps prevent too much forward lean, which can lead to poor posture.

Whichever bra you buy, make sure the band of the bra fits properly as this is where most of the support for your bust comes from.

With a fuller bust, you are probably better off buying separates because it can be difficult finding a one piece garment like a teddy that works for your whole body.

Wide Back/Broad Shoulders

Broad shoulders or a wide back are strong features, so combining lingerie (which is a more delicate garment) can be difficult. You want to keep your powerful features, but express femininity at the same time to avoid looking overly “boxy” without any curves.

A woman with a strong upper back, notice how the black sports bra emphasizes these features?

A bralette with spaghetti or lacy straps can be flattering as they add a more delicate feature to the shoulder.

If you don’t want to emphasise your width in back or shoulders, buying light and looser fitting tops like a vest or cami can help balance the strength of your shoulders. Watch out for bra’s with an x-back as this pattern emphasises your width. Also pay attention to the colour of the garment. Often pretty, lighter colours and lacy garments can be softer and more feminine than a strong black garment.

Big Tummy

When you’re buying knickers buy something that feels comfortable so you can move freely. You don’t want to force yourself into a garment that is too small. Some underwear is designed to suck you in rather than fit to your body, and that can be really uncomfortable and effect how you feel when wearing it. If you want to feel sexy feeling really uncomfortable isn’t good.

High-waisted knickers are good because they sit comfortably around the mid section, without cutting in creating folds in your belly. A loose fitting pair of French knickers can be great as well.

A one piece play-suit is also a good idea because it isn’t going to fit super tight to your body.

Flat Bottom

Again with a flatter bottom, high waisted knickers that fit under your bum are great for emphasizing as much curves as possible. A teddy with a tighter fit can be good for showing off whatever curves you have in your bum.


For curvy women a bra with good support is essential. When buying a bra make sure the band of the bra fits properly, the right size will make all the difference, giving as much support to your bust as possible. Long lined bra’s are great for this.

A full brief that covers all your bottom and tummy stops unsightly lines and bumps digging in. A full length slip can be enormously useful, allowing outerwear to flow more freely over the body.

Try to avoid lingerie that is too small or too tight, and bra’s that don’t have adequate support if you also have a full bust.

Liz Slip Flesh Mesh Side
Curvy Ruby modelling our full length Liz Slip in flesh mesh. €110.

Narrow or Wide Hips

Narrow Hips

A low pants like our Jean Hot Knickers are lovely as they’ll stop on the widest point of your hips, so you won’t seem as narrow. High leg knickers can be flattering as the v shape given will lead the eye up towards the hips creating the illusion of a wider hip.

Wide Hips

In contrast to someone with narrow hips, you’re kind of looking for the opposite. A high waisted brief with a lower leg will appear to reduce the width in your hips, drawing the eye to the legs, and less attention to the hips.

Try to balance out the top half of your body to create more of an hourglass shape for your whole body rather than looking bottom heavy. Wearing a fuller fitting bra, long lined bra’s or cropped cami tops that flaunt some waist can help balance the upper body. V lines in the top part of your lingerie create the illusion of a fuller bust, again balancing out the upper area.


If you want to emphasize a bit more curves, a pair of knickers that fit high on the hips but lower at the front (under the tummy bottom) gives more curves, and less straight lines. A high leg pair of knickers can help this as well.

A bra or bralette that is lower in front creating a V shape from your shoulders to your mid section, again creates the illusion of slightly wider shoulders, and more of an hourglass shape.

A halterneck cami, bra or bikini that hang from the neck, expose more or the shoulder area giving more width to your upper body. Some women might choose to wear an underwire or push up bra to emphasise the bust.


It’s super important for petite women to make sure whatever you buy fits to petite proportions. Most lingerie is made to a standard height, usually around 5ft 4 – 5ft 9 (162.5 – 175.2 cm), and designed for a women with that frame. Check with the size chart to see what they recommend, you can also reach out through their contact page. If it’s a popular brand it’s worth checking YouTube to see if anyone has a video trying on particular garments, this can help gauge how it will fit.

Ava Cami Top Gold Side
Petite model wearing our Ava short camisole.

Short camisole tops can help give more height to your body as you show off more of your waist. A long cami top could drown you out, so it’s important not to lose your shape from an ill fitting garment.

With that in mind avoid large one piece garments, as they will likely be too long for your body type. Also watch out tops with wide straps, as they can easily slide off your shoulders.


For taller women, buying separate briefs and tops is usually common practice. Like with petite women, if you fall outside the “standard” height range of 5ft 4 – 5ft 9 (162.5 – 175.2 cm), make sure what you buy fits to your proportions.

Tall model Flo wearing our seperate Ava short cami & black satin Paula Hot Knickers.


Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t buy lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and body confident. At Hot Knickers Lingerie, Ali has designed and created several bespoke pieces for expectant mums. Ranging from cami tops to custom fit Paula knickers that were longer in the leg because the client’s legs had swollen with the pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, comfort is a higher priority so to avoid garments that are really tight fitting. Ask yourself is it a piece you just want for during your pregnancy? or to wear after as well?

Lingerie with some stretch, this means you can wear it throughout your pregnancy without worrying about the fit. These might be Cami tops trimmed with delicate lace that aren’t too tight, so you avoid feeling any discomfort whilst feeling beautiful.

Low waisted knickers that fit under the baby bump or high waisted knickers that fit over the baby bump, you want to avoid knickers that dig in.

Finally, bra’s without underwires, for example a full cup, non-wired bra that gives enough support without the discomfort of an underwire.

That’s It!

We hope this guide was helpful to those looking for advice on some of the best lingerie for their body type. Every woman is unique and there aren’t any “strict” rules to wearing lingerie, ultimately you should wear whatever you enjoy wearing.

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  1. Deciding the best lingerie is not an easy job at all. I had to go through a lot of trouble to get my girl the best lingerie as a surprise gift. I had to be sure it was the best one, and some how I managed to get the best one. Trust me, it was the most toughest task I have ever done in my life.

    1. Hot Knickers Lingerie says:

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