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The Different Fabrics We Use At Hot Knickers Lingerie

Are The Fabrics Used Ethically Produced?

Yes, the fabrics used in Hot Knickers Lingerie are all ethically manufactured.

As of right now, Hot Knickers Lingerie sources fabrics and threads from four different companies, two in Italy, one in Germany and one in Ireland.

Ali Wheeler, designer of Hot Knickers Lingerie, believes strongly in an ethical and sustainable approach to fashion. It is important to her that each material used is made in good working conditions.

What Fabrics Are Used?

There are three different types of main fabrics, these are a stretch satin, power mesh and black mesh. Each are available in different colours. The satin is available in black or gold, and the power mesh comes in black or flesh coloured mesh, the sheer mesh comes in black.

They all combine comfort and function with glamour.

Below is a simple list of the differences and benefits between the fabrics that we use.

Gold / Black Satin

The satin fabric, sourced from Italy, is a light stretch fabric, with an almost metallic, liquid appearance that moves elegantly with your body. Naturally fitting to your figure without cutting into you creating unsightly lumps and bumps like other lingerie.

Made from 76% polyamide & 24% elastane, it is lightweight and soft to the touch making it really comfortable to wear.

The satin cami tops are lovely worn on their own, or you can wear them under a suit jacket, or as a top with jeans. The gold is gorgeous under light colours, whilst the black gives a more sophisticated look.

The luxurious liquid shine adds extra glamour to any women’s wardrobe.

The satin is featured on many of our garments including, all of our camisole tops, the Jean Hot Knickers and the Paula Hot Knickers.

Jean Hot Knickers Black Satin Back
Charlie Long Cami Top Gold Side Variation

Power Mesh Fabric

Manufactured in Germany, the power mesh is a high quality, super flexible fabric. With less elastane, the power mesh is a little tighter than the satin, therefore giving a bit more body support to the wearer but still allowing freedom of movement.

It comes in a black power mesh or a flesh power mesh. Much like the satin fabric, the two colours of mesh are suitable underneath lighter and darker outerwear.

The power mesh half slip or full slips work perfectly underneath tighter fitting clothing, helping the fall of the outerwear.

Featured in the Bravo! bralette, Jean Hot Knickers, Paula Power Mesh, and all of the Liz range (slips & vests).

Polyamide 85% / Elastane 15%

Liz Slip Black Mesh Back
Bravo Bralette Flesh Mesh Front

Black Sheer Mesh

The black mesh is the tightest of the fabrics, with a little less elastane than the power mesh.

We also have a unique set that has a black satin front, this is available in a pair of Paula Hot Knickers and a matching Ava long camisole top.

Ava Cami Top Black Mesh Front
Ava Long Cami Top Black Satin Side


A luxurious stretch Italian lace. Available in two different styles, it is a deep plunge lace that is featured on the slips, some of the vests and Paula Hot Knickers.

The lace trims every garment with a touch of glamour, and provides support. It doesn’t cut into like a heavy elasticated waist band meaning you can wear your lingerie all day without feeling uncomfortable.

In two different colours, a dark black, and a golden colour, browse our shop to see all the different combinations.

84% polyamide / 16% elastane

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