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7 Tips For Buying Lingerie This Valentines Day (2019)

Why You Should Buy Lingerie This Valentines Day

Looking at the graphic below, you might be surprised to see lingerie in as only the 10th most bought gift for Valentines Day, accounting for only 7% off all Valentines gifts.

Valentines Day Most Bought Gifts Chart
Chart Taken From Statista.com

What’s the most common thing about the top 6 gifts?

They’re not very personal.

Whilst a gift card or greeting card will be personalized on the inside, the gift itself isn’t unique. Going out for a romantic dinner, or eating expensive chocolate is a lovely experience (I mean..who doesn’t enjoy those?), but they’re a bit of a safe bet, and they’re only a temporary enjoyment.

Buying your lover a piece of luxurious lingerie is a romantic and intimate gift that can be enjoyed as many times as you want. Why should Valentines Day only be once a year?

Most women are truly flattered at being bought an intimate piece of lingerie. It shows a clear insight into the individual, into who they are and what they enjoy.

With that in mind here are our top tips to help you buy lingerie this Valentines Day.

Psst… You might be wondering can I buy myself lingerie? Yes!! You absolutely can! Keep reading until the end for tips on this.

1. Know Your Budget

Lingerie has a wide range when it comes to price. Whilst “cost” doesn’t always equate to “quality”, if a garment is cheap it usually means the materials are cheap and their methods of manufacturing were cheap. At Hot Knickers Lingerie, we would always recommend paying that little bit extra for that special piece. Think of it as an investment in your love life that has long term rewards.

Whatever you want to buy establish your budget and work from there. If you don’t have a budget (lucky you) our next tip will help you get a starting point.

2. Know The Person

Like any other piece of clothing, lingerie is a form of personal expression. Lingerie should empower the wearer’s personality, not contradict it. If they feel uncomfortable, they’re not going to feel sexy. So make sure you know the person who’s going to wear it. We have a useful post on buying lingerie for different body types here.

If you’ve been in a long term relationship, you’ll have a better understanding of your partner’s style choices. Check and see other brands they already own and take note of the different looks. Lingerie they’ve already bought for themselves is a great indicator of what they like.

If this is your first time buying lingerie, you can also check other clothes they own, maybe they like a particular type of fabric, or style of clothing, then try to match that style to a piece of lingerie. In general, if it’s your first purchase, a more “modest” garment is usually a safer option.

3. Know Measurements

This is super important. You don’t want to spend all that time and energy choosing a garment only to order the wrong size.

With lingerie, key measurements to know are:

  • Bust – Important for bralettes, slips, bra’s, camisoles & night wear
  • Hips – Important for knickers, slips, body suits & night wear
  • Waist – Good for ordering slips, knickers (when they’re high-waisted) pyjama pants
  • Back Length – Not always essential but useful for purchasing cami tops, full slips & teddy’s
  • Height – Can also be useful for an array of garments

If ordering online, check with the size chart, and don’t be afraid to contact them directly if you have any doubts.

4. Don’t Leave It Too Late

Depending on where you buy, you want to leave enough time. The last thing you need is to be rushing your decision, or being forced to buy something because what you really want won’t arrive in time. Especially if you plan on ordering a bespoke piece.

Always check delivery estimates if you’re shopping online, and if it’s bespoke make sure to state it’s for Valentines.

5. Be An Informed Shopper

This applies to all online shopping. Make sure the brand fits the principles of you and more importantly the person who’ll wear it. This could mean you only support ethically produced garments or fabrics that are sustainably produced. Check with whatever brand you’re interested in to see their story, and their business principles. Often the cheaper brands are cutting they’re costs somewhere.

6. Can I Buy Lingerie For Myself?

Valentines Day is a great opportunity to treat yourself and your partner to some beautiful lingerie.

We have had many clients buy lingerie for themselves to wear for the lovers on valentines, and other romantic occasions such as anniversaries, honeymoons, weekend breaks etc. So don’t be afraid to take charge of your love life and spice things up for you, and your lover. Even the act of buying a piece of lingerie can make you feel more sexy or desirable.

Ask yourself, do I want something just for the 14th, or is it something I want to be able wear again and again?

Our how-to guide on buying lingerie, or the best lingerie for your body type will help you make a decision on what to buy.

7. Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid to buy lingerie. The nervous excitement of buying and wearing lingerie is what makes it extra special. It’s a truly thoughtful and intimate gift that’s sure to add some spice to your love life this Valentines. So be confident in your decision!

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